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I'm a college graduate from the Environmental program of AU. Welcome to my f***ed-up humor and stories about my kitties, family, or old papers/DB I wrote for the industrious student to recycle. I also like to post things about fracking from time to time. Hey, I'm all about sharing my intellectual property (if you can call it that) with anyone who is running short on time or intellect :)


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15 December 2012

Right to Work?

My thoughts about Michigan's new "Right to Work" law...

"In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, such as 'right to work'. It is a law to rob us of our civil rights and job rights. Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining by which unions have improved wages and working conditions of everyone ... Wherever these laws have been passed, wages are lower, job opportunities are fewer and there are no civil rights...We demand this fraud be stopped."

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

17 November 2012

Post-Election Thoughts

A few things to keep in mind about the obstructionists in Congress.

  • They are paid to work for the betterment of all people--not just the billionaires
  • They are paid to work with the Executive branch to promote the general welfare not to sabotage said branch at the expense of the peoples' well-being
  • Their oath is to the Constitution of the US, not a Norquist pledge
  • They should not promote succession and government overthrow simply because their party lost the election 
Keep in mind that since election night the GOP has been talking about re-defining their party and expanding their base.  I think we're about to hear that they love everyone equally--women, Hispanics, LGBT, students, seniors--in other words lying.

Please, GOP, don't try to sell me the same tired policies wrapped in a shiny new package--find some new policies that offer real solutions for all 3.14 + million living in this country.

14 October 2012

OK...I'm a big Pokemon fan and this latest meme just made me laugh out loud.  Team Rocket, that's right.  Read it left to right; in other words one sentence from Romney then one from Ryan and end with Meowth's line.  BTW, I know "fore" is wrong, but I'm not the one who did this...go complain to the original site:  http://weknowmemes.com/2012/09/romney-and-ryan-are-team-rocket/

30 July 2012

So, I saw my first "FRACK ON" sign this summer.  It's less than a mile away from my home...(I wanted to put up my own "FRACK OFF" sign, but someone beat me to it.)  It grates on my nerves to have to see it every day.

Last week my son asked me how I felt about that sign--he likes to aggravate as much as any teen likes to...  but I laughed and said jokingly "If God doesn't think fracking is good for us, He'll take care of that sign."

To my surprise that night we had some windy weather...the sign blew down...in a few days the sign was back up only to have it completely disappear within two days...still not back up :)

Does this mean that God agrees with a Liberal tree hugger?  Someone should notify the Republicans.

05 July 2012

"A water and methane geyser, bubbling water, and mud volcanoes have Pennsylvania shale-field residents scared and demanding answers.  A number of dramatic methane emissions were reported to have begun in Leroy Township, Bradford County on May 19, 2012. Initial reports from residents suggested that there may have been a substantial loss of control of natural gas from one or more of the shale gas wells in the area..."

Read more here: Independent study finds significant fault line methane leaks

CATHOLICS FOR OBAMA - BIDEN: Romney Profiting from Abortion

CATHOLICS FOR OBAMA - BIDEN: Romney Profiting from Abortion